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Magic mushroom grow kit USA. Magic Shroom planet is the best place to buy magic mushroom grow kit and to also have magic mushroom grow USA. Contact us now!!

You can grow magic mushrooms from the comfort of your own home with our magical mushroom growth kits!

In just a few weeks, each rising kit provides several flushes of shrooms.

Buying your own growing kit ensures that by foraging in the wild without depending on dodgy dealers, you can enjoy some psychedelic fun individually, or risk your life. Magic mushroom growing kit USA

Whether a softer journey for a beginner or an extreme psychedelic journey for the practiced psychonaut, our website has a handy species handbook to pick out just what you want. If the freedom to grow your own shrooms sounds amazing to you, then you need to check out our range of growing kits for magic mushrooms!

With our pre-grown mycelium, water and some treatment are all you have to provide.

As we deliver only to guarantee freshness by EXPRESS shipping, you could harvest your own magic mushrooms in no time!

Shrooms last for 24-72 hours in your system.

It takes roughly 24 hours on average.

It can take longer for everyday magic mushroom trippers to (about 72 hours).

The psychoactive compounds of magic mushrooms break down rapidly within your body. If you eat shrooms, psilocybin and psilocin are the body’s psychoactive compounds. Magic mushroom growing kit Usa

Psilocybin has a 160-minute half-life, and psilocin has a 50-minute half-life. With a bit of math, after 13 hours, psilocybin leaves the body and after 4 hours, psilocin leaves the body.

Drug studies hardly measure psilocybin or psilocin for both.

If you are concerned about this, please check the local drug testing policies and laws in your state.

Make sure that, on an empty stomach, you chew the shrooms very well. All the active substances will be absorbed by your body that way.

Starting trippers: Begin by eating 10 grams of fresh shrooms.

Advanced trippers: Begin with 20 grams of fresh shoes to eat.

Dosages for New Magical Mushroom

  • Light trip for 10 grams
  • 15 grams: medium journey
  • 20/30 grams-strong journey
  • 50 grams-the ‘heroic’ ride

Dried Dosages of Magic Mushroom

  • Small Trip 1/1.5 grams
  • Medium trip-2.5 grams
  • 3 grams-strong journey

In addition, we understand the value of your privacy, which is why all orders are packed discreetly, unlabeled. In order to look like regular mail orders, the items will be in containers with undetectable delivery and encryption of secure transaction data.

We intend to preserve our impeccable reputation in the United States as the location for magic mushroom grow kit USA. We’ve had over 3,000 glowing customer reviews. Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order, and we will do our best to fix the problem. Since your happiness is our #1 top priority.

Dealers are not specifically considered for their excellent customer service. In the modern world, you deserve the absolute best experience as a customer, regardless of what you purchase. The same should go for wanting to buy magic mushroom grow kit in the U.S., right?

Magic mushroom grow kit USA –  buy magic mushroom grow kit online

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