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Most likely, magic truffles are not mushrooms, but rather a fungus’s very special adaptation to adversity. If the above-ground conditions are so bad that the mushroom could not survive, the fungus cannot reproduce because the mushroom cannot produce the spores needed for reproduction. The fungus’s ability to grow its fruits underground was provided by Mother Nature specifically for these conditions.

A buffer for water and nutrients is created by the hypha clout, allowing the fungus to survive. Not all fungi have this ability, but thankfully, psilocybin and psilocin, two psychoactive substances, do and contain them. These truffles are extremely challenging to grow, but with the help of our alliance with the oldest truffle growers in the Netherlands, we are able to produce the best truffles in the world!

Magic truffles for sale

Some people mistakenly think that magic mushrooms and magic truffles are the same thing. According to biology, the best way to describe a truffle is as “a survival mechanism for a developing fungus. “A fungus can develop into a mushroom, but if the mycelium does not receive enough oxygen or does not have the right soil to live in, then, under the right conditions, a fungus fruiting body that grows underground can develop. Sclerotia, also known as truffles, are what these are.

So, different species of mushrooms produce truffles underground. Truffles and hallucinogenic mushrooms are both components of the psychoactive substances psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin. Despite not being the same type, both of these are fungi.

Magic truffles grow kit

Supposedly, magic truffles are less powerful than magic mushrooms. Be careful because this isn’t always true. Different stages of a mushroom’s growth occur. Though not all mushrooms have the same potency as the final phase, it is the strongest. Due to the similarity in strength among members of the same species, it is much simpler to dose and, consequently, safer to eat truffles from the same species.

Truffles and magic mushrooms have both given me incredible experiences, and they are very similar in that regard. I think there is hardly any distinction between magic mushrooms and magic truffles. Every person has a unique experience when using psilocybin, which is very personal. For me, the dosage and, of course, the set and setting are always key factors.

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Taking magic truffles causes hallucinations as well as a completely new level of sensual awareness. You’re beginning to notice patterns and colors, you’re more sensitive to light, and you’re feeling everything much more intensely. When under their control, it can be extremely intense to enjoy a cup of hot tea or a juicy strawberry.

Magical truffles’ curative qualities are occasionally also employed. Many people reach a level in their consciousness that they are unable to normally reach. They are able to gain perspectives that enhance their lives and make them happier people.

Buy magic truffles USA | magic truffles for sale | magic truffles grow kit

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